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So why is Spotify so Slow in Mac, Pc, iPhone and Android?

There are many reasons behind why is Spotify is so Slow it could be your phone or it could be you Spotify App. Here we will gonna discuss all the methods why is spotify so slow and gonna fix it Fast.

Here I am going to talk about the Problem in Spotify App in Mobile and Spotify Desktop.

Why is Spotify so SLOW on Mac iphone Pc Mobile Android 2020

Why is Spotify So Slow in Mobiles 2020?

There could be many reasons behind by spotify is slow in Mobile and as i don't know that you are using Apple or Android i have categorized the problem further more for you convenience. You can check the question heading between why spotify is so slow on Android and Why is Spotify so Slow in iPhone.

Why is Spotify App So Slow in ANDROID Mobile 2020?

In android Mobile if you are suffering that you spotify is lagging and playing songs at a delay than you can do the following things to make your spotify to run faster. The Problems Could be from the following:

1.Update you Spotify App.

It is a trend now in both Android and Apple that make the application to work slow so that the user will hustle and do a update. Otherwise before this peoples used not to update the app until it stops working completely lol.

2.You can Use "Spotify Lite" App.

It is the lighter version of the Official Spotify App and Officially Launched by the Spotify Company on the Play store Here is the Direct link to download the Application from Playstore.

3.It Could Be Because you have slow Internet Connection.

Spotify requires a good speed of Internet based upon the quality of streaming you have selected in your settings.

You can turn them down to lower 128Kbps or lower to 64Kbps so that it will not use more internet and will work faster on slow speeds also. Here is the screen shot. If you still suffering slow spotify problem then it could next Problem.

Why is Spotify so SLOW on Mac iphone Pc Mobile Android 2020

4.You have Many Applications running in the background eating your Phones RAM.

This problem Mainly Occurs when you use your phone so carelessly and install many applications who eats alot of memory in the background or you have a low RAM Phone like 1GB or 2GB RAM Phone.

You can restrict the usage of background applications by closing the applications or by restricting them using Setting option. Here are the screenshots of the settings you can do

1.Go to Setting>About Phone> Tab Build Number for 5 to 7 times Until you become a developer. Then go to developer Options

2.Now Scroll Down and Select the option Background Process Limit and you can set it according to you.

Why is Spotify so SLOW on Mac iphone Pc Mobile Android 2020

5.You Can try Clearing CACHE MEMORY of your Application it could also help to work Spotify Faster.

Cache memory are the temporary memory of the application that is made on the storage when you stream a lot of songs Spotify stores them in the temporary memory and use it when you play them next time

Why is Spotify so SLOW on Mac iphone Pc Mobile Android 2020

Why is Spotify App So Slow on iPhone 2020?

In Iphone it Generally Doesn't happen because Their OS is way lighter than Android but if you are still facing the Slow problem in Iphone than you can try the following steps to solve this problem.

1.Update the App.

Whether Android of Iphone both makes previous version slow so that user will update thei app fast.

2.Clear the Cache Memory

You can clear the cache memory to make it run faster than before in just few steps given below
  1. Head to Settings
  2. Scroll Down to Storage Heading and Tap on Delete Cache.

3.It Can be the Problem because of the Slow Internet Connection. 

Because the App Streams online so if you have fixed the Streaming Quality to 320Kpbs you will definitely gonna need high speed of internet connection. For this you can switch to Auto or you can manually switch to 128Kbps/64Kbps if you have slow internet Connection.

Why is Spotify So Slow on Mac 2020?

If you are using a high configuration Mac device which have Latest Processor and High RAM and running on SSD than it is the problem because of the Internet Connection you can lower down the Streaming Quality or Use high Speed Connection.

2.Second Reason could be of Cache Memory you can Clear the cache memory by Doing the following steps:
  • If you do not have hidden files set to display by default: in Finder, press the Alt/Option key to access the Library folder under the Go menu. If you do have hidden files accessible: in Finder, just go to the Library folder in your user directory.
  • Go the Caches folder and look for the com.spotify.client folder.
  • Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Command + A.
3.Third Reason You Can Try is Go into your settings in Spotify Desktop app, and try unlinking Local Files - 'SHOW SONGS FROM' - iTunes, Downloads, Media player, Music Library. 

This stops Spotify from trying to sync to your computer, which instantly improved the loading whenever I searched for anything on the Desktop app. 

4.Fourth(Rare Reason) it could be because the number of applications you are using on your Mac at a time are using 100% of your CPU Memory you can close one or two to make other Apps to Run faster.

5.Fifth or the funny one upgrade you system haha.

Why is Spotify So Slow PC(Windows) 2020?

As I said above check your internet connection weather it is slow or working fast or check your Streaming Quality turn it lower according to Internet speed. 

2.Second Reason is same As of Mac on windows too because of Cache memory you can clear the cache memory on windows by the following steps:
  • First Close the App from the Task Manager too.
  • Paste C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Spotify\ into the directory bar of Windows Explorer.
  •  Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Control + A."
3.Third Reason same as of the Above Written in Mac Section but you can check the Running applications status in task manager and Sort them from Apps using the most of the Memory to the least and close the most memory using apps.


Why is my Spotify so Glitchy?

It could be one of the above reason you can check if it still causing problem than you can comment below.

How do I clear Spotify cache?

Explained above in detail for Android Mobile, Iphone, Mac Pc, Windows Pc.

How do I optimize Spotify?

Best Way to optimize spotify is explained above. You can try and if it happen again you can comment below.

What happens if you clear cache on Spotify?

It will load you list faster and you application work fast. You can clear the cache in just few seconds method is given above.

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