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How to Upload Pictures to Pinterest from Android 2020?

There are two ways on How to Upload Pictures to Pinterest from Android to upload pictures on Pinterest. First is by Using Browser and the Second is by Using App. Both have almost the same explanation because the interface of pinterest on App and Web is almost same. Here I am going to Explain both the ways you can upload by using any of them

How to Upload Pictures to Pinterest from Android 2020

How pinterest works in 2020?

Here is a short explanation how pinterest works, so basically pinterest is a collection of Pins which are pinned directly on website or on a board to categorize them.

For example lets suppose you have a lot of pictures of your School, College, Office and you want to arrange them on a wall so there will be two methods by which you can do that,
  • First is that you can directly paste those Pictures on the wall directly which will be a little messier because they are not arranged and we are not able to see only college or only school pics.
  • Second is that you can make a Section in which you paste the school pics together and College pics together and so on.
Here the Wall is the Website Pinterest and the Section is Board and the Pictures are the pins. we post here that's why it is an image sharing website.

1.How to Upload Pictures to Pinterest from Android Mobile by "Pinterest App" in 2020

To do this you have to first download the official pinterest application from the Playstore and then after installing you have to register on it by using Email or you can Register by Facebook or by Phone Number then here are the following steps you can follow. You can Make a Board or You can directly upload pictures on pinterest and later can categorize them to a board

1.Click the Plus Sign on the Pinterest App After Registering on it.

2.Now Choose whether you want to create a Board or Pin I am selecting Pin(for more info you can read above) 

3.Choose the Photo You want to upload and then click Next.

 4.Now Enter the details which will be shown with the Image when someone sees your Image post i.e Title, Description, Web Destination(Web Address) and the Click Next.

6.While Entering Web Address Click Go and then select Add

7.Now Click on Add Link and you Details are Complete

8.After Entering details you are required to select board in which you want to pin the picture if you don't have one you can create on by Clicking on Create Board and by Just Entering Title and you Picture is uploaded

2.How to Upload Pictures to Pinterest from Android Mobile by using Browser in 2020

Use of browser is not so complicated on Uploading pictures on pinterest it is easy and explained in easy steps below. Steps are almost same just a little difference there which you will see below. So here are the steps to Upload Pictures on Pinterest from an Android Mobile by Using Browser.

1.After registering and logging in Click on the Plus button
How to Upload Pictures to Pinterest from Android 2020 From Android App or From android mobile browser

2.Select the Pin Type here you can only Upload you pic or you can select website if you want to upload a pic with Website title and description.

3.Select the Board in which you want to upload the pic and you are done now, your pic is Uploaded finally/

Final Words:

Pinterest is a very Good pic sharing Portal but it is better to use the pinterest app to upload you pictures because it is stable and you can check them whenever you want without logging in again and again.

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