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This could be very frustrating to check How to tell if your Computer Mouse is Dying specially when
your mouse stops in the middle of the work and wastes your time, and it happens repeatedly. Is your mouse really Dying? Should you change your Computer Mouse? Is the mouse could be repaired?

We will know about all these questions in this article and may be it could save you money.So,

How to tell if your Computer Mouse is Dying| What to do if your mouse is dying

How to tell if your Computer Mouse is Dying?

There are many signs that your computer mouse is really dying and you need to buy a new mouse. Here are some points on which you can do a check to ensure that your computer mouse is really dying. 

1.It your Mouse Pointer Stopped working in the Middle of the work

If you are working and scrolling or pointing at something on the screen and you mouse Pointer suddenly stops and starts to work again automatically, then you mouse is faulty and may be you have to buy a new one.

2.If the buttons are Not working properly

If in the middle of the work when you are clicking on something and your buttons struggle to do their work or you have to press hard to make it work then or press repeatedly to make it work then you mouse is really dying and need a repair work.

3.If the input taken by the Mouse are not Correct

If you are moving your mouse on screen and the movement you are making on the mouse pad are not giving the same output on the screen then there could be a problem with the light reflector inputs the red light below the mouse in case if you don't know. It should be replaced because that light is very hard to repair. 

It can also happen if you are not using a mouse pad below your mouse to move the pointer or the surface on which you are using mouse in undulating.

4.If the Scroll button is not working

If you feel that the scroll bar is not working properly then this is also a case of repair.

Things to Keep in Mind or Things to Check before Making any decision about your mouse may be it is OK and mistake is from your side 

How to tell if your Computer Mouse is Dying| What to do if your mouse is dying

1.Make sure that you are Using a Mouse Pad or the Surface is Ok to Move Mouse.

It can make your Mouse not to work properly and your inputs may be mistakenly not taken by the system. The main cause here is the reflection of the light that the mouse gets back and sends the signal if the surface is not even then it will not send correct signal and you will feel like the mouse is not working properly.

2.Make sure you have done proper wiring.

In many cases i have found that the wires are not connected properly or the USB port of the mouse is not working. If you are using a wireless mouse then make sure that the Bluetooth drivers are installed properly.

3.Make sure wires are not worn out.

It could be a problem which can be repaired easily by just changing the wire or repairing it.

What to do when your Computer Mouse is Dying?

There are somethings you can do with your mouse to repair it. You can open it and can check whether there is any fault or any broken wire.

You can also check that if there is some mechanical fault in the mouse which can be solved just by placing the things right.

There could be some screw problem, may be some screws a loosen, it can also cause problem to your mouse. You can tighten the mouse to ensure the working or the mouse properly.

Things you should do to Make the life of a Computer mouse Long

  • Never stretch the mouse wire.
  • Do not put water near the mouse or in the mouse or do not use wet mouse.
  • Do not drop your mouse, use it carefully.
  • Always make sure the proper drivers are installed on your computer.
  • In case of Bluetooth mouse, make sure you have installed proper drivers.
  • Always use a correct USB to plug in dont plug USB in charger or anywhere.

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