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What is Ash Gourd?

Ash Gourd is a vegetable is has a shape like pumpkin and hae texture like Bottle Gourd. It is called Ash Gourd because it has White Ash on it which is a little waxy in nature.
Ash Gaourd is also known as Winter Melon, Wax Gourd, White Pumpkin, and Chinese Watermelon.

Ash Gourd in Hindi?

Ash Gourd is called Safed Petha in Hindi. It is called Safed petha in Hindi because the color of Ash Gourd is white from inside.

Ash Gourd Juice Benefits Weight loss Ayurveda Uses

Ash Gourd Juice Benefits Ayurveda(what are the benefits of Ash Gourd Juice?):

  • Drink in early morning it will make you energetic like coffee but not make you hot instead it make you feel calm
  • Ash Gourd is a very good source for brain intellectual, specially if you have kids in your house.
  • Ash Gourd has a cooling effect on your body so if you feel your body heat is increasing start drinking ash gourd juice.
  • Ash Gourd controls blood pressure helps to neutralize it.
  • Ash Gourd helps in opening the blocked arteries if you eat junk food a lot then you should drink it in every morning on empty stomach.
  • Helps to reduce weight loss you can take it in place of tea of coffee as i said earlier it gives you energy, you will feel full after drinking it
  • Helps to reduce pimples by decreasing your internal body heat.
  • Ash Gourd Makes your bones stronger because it contains calcium and phosphorus which are good for health.
  • It prevents bleeding of your gums or nose or any kind of internal bleeding that happens due to over heat development inside your body. Ash Gourd cools your systems and stabilizes the bad effects of heat.
  • It is good for your stomach. It stabilizes the acid formation inside your stomach which may be the reason behind indigestion, acid reflux or infection
  • Good in diabetes, Ash Gourd improves the function of Pancreas and controls the insulin levels.
  • Ash Gourd removes toxins from your body.

Ash Gourd juice for weight loss:

Ash Gourd Juice Works miracle in weight loss if you are trying to lose weight you can take Ash Gourd Juice Daily. It is better to drink Ash Gourd Juice on Empty Stomach so that you will not need any tea of coffee in the morning and you also feel full.

When you feel full you eat less and Ash Gourd Juice makes you feel full and energetic. This way it helps to lose weight. You can also add workout to your routine.

Ash Gourd Juice Benefits Weight loss Ayurveda Uses

Ash Gourd juice during intermittent fasting:

In your eating window you can drink Ash Gourd juice it will help you to reduce the intake of calories and also make you feel more full and energetic. Ash Gourd Juice also balances the High Glucose spike you see in Intermittent Fasting.

You can drink Ash Gourd Juice on daily basis while doing Intermittent fasting but don't drink it in the fating Hours I don't recommend, drink only if you feel so low than your minimum energy level. 

Ash Gourd Juice Benefits Weight loss Ayurveda Uses

When not to drink ash gourd juice:

  1. If you have mucus problem then it is not recommended.
  2. If you are susceptible to cold then also it is not recommended.

Ash Gourd juice side effects:

Ash gourd Juice normally don't have side effects but if is not recommended if you are more susceptible to cold and if you have excessive mucus problem otherwise it don't have side effects.


Best time to drink Ash Gourd Juice:

It is recommended that the best time to drink ash gourd juice is in early morning on empty stomach and do not eat anything at least for 2hrs after drinking it.

Can pregnant women drink Ash Gourd Juice?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to drink Ash Gourd Juice but don't drink over drink in limited amount because it have cooling property so over drinking may cause problems.

Can a diabetic patient drink Ash Gourd Juice?

Yes, a diabetic person who have diabetes can drink Ash Gourd juice. As i said above it helps to reduce sugar level so it is great if a diabetic person drinks it.

Is Ash gourd and pumpkin same? 

No, Absolutely not they are Different. Ash Gourd is Green in Color and Pumpkin is Light Yellow. They both have different taste also and have different uses.

Can we eat raw ash gourd?

Yes, Absolutely you can eat raw Ash Gourd and it is not recommended to boil Ash Gourd Juice or Ash Gourd.

Does ash gourd reduce weight? 

Yes, it do helps in reducing weight because like coffee helps to make you feel full and energetic it also makes you feel full and energetic but it also makes you feel calm and cool which a coffee doesn't. 

Is Ash gourd juice good for health?

Yes, it have alot of benefits and it is also called Miracle Fruit. You can read about the benefits above.

When should I take ash gourd juice?

For best benefits drink it on empty stomach in early morning.

Can we store ash gourd juice?

No, it is not recommended, you can only store it for few hours otherwise it will not be healthy to drink it.

Can we drink ash gourd juice at night?

Yes, you can drink it any time but for best benefits it is always recommended to drink it in early morning on empty stomach.

Can we drink Ash Gourd juice daily?

Yes, absolutely but in limits, it is not recommended to drink it daily if you have cold problem or Mucus problem.

Can I drink ash gourd juice during period?  

Yes, you can drink Ash Gourd Juice during periods, it will help you relieve you from cramps because it is cold in nature and it will also stop the overflow of blood. It is a very good choice.

Juice of ash gourd has any effect on men power?

No. it don't effect men power it neutralizes the over grown and under grown men power, and give you better thoughts.

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